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About Us

Why We Do What We Do

From serving seniors for many years working in multiple Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes as well as in the community as a health care practitioner. The passion for foot care and helping others was developed. Working with seniors throughout the years and encountering various lower limb complications that developed from the lack of proper foot care was the driving force of the establishment of FeetNique. 

Medical foot care is not a pedicure, but a medical treatment provided by a trained medical practitioner. Foot care keeps the feet comfortable, help keep seniors mobile, help prevent falls and help senior avoid preventable foot complications. 

FeetNique’s aim is to help prevent lower limb complications through accessible ongoing preventative foot care for seniors, especially for high-risk clients such as Diabetics. For high-risk patients proper foot care can make the difference between losing digits, losing limbs, and keeping their feet.

Therefore FeetNique’s mission is to help the general public and seniors remain comfortable, mobile and independent as long as possible.